Thursday, December 28, 2006

part 2 or and furthermore.....

I havent read tristram shandy yet but i am halfway through the movie and I have discovered a hypertext version of tristram shandy on the web and started reading a couple of chapters and read some papers written by students and professionals about this novel and read the intro to a 1964 edition to another one of that authors works and basically the gist seems to be that it is voiced in the first person narrative ad he is trying to tell the story of his life but , as life and as the process of thinking and as the busy modern world goes it becomes not muddled for it does flow really well just that it flows in many different areas in one stream of consciousness which gives the reader alot of information but takes quite awhile before he is even born which I think happens 1/3 of the way through the book and so far this is how the movie works as well being both a movie version of the book and its characters and also a movie about how the narrative works first the character becomes sidetracked then the scene ends and you are now off into the life of the acor the actor also not having time to live his present life having been made all the more complicated with the birth of his son and soon the actors "real life" starts to mirror the main charater of the book whom this actor is playing and since my own life is seeming one big series of crashing waves with the tide coming in and the tide coming out and I am just trying not to drown but also not getting out or even changing position of my location in the path of the ever changing ebb and flow of the tides do I want to venture out into the sea do I want to go ashore would I be happy just staying put and allowing the cycles of the moon and the ocean control my fate? and this is where I will end it tonight!

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