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BRice Marden

Mark Tobey

Jackson Pollack

Stephen Mahoney

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self portraits using photo booth

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think I am gonna get the hang of this new stuff...

it takes some getting used to...used to the mark coming at the end of the point from the tool I hold in my hand and this is
like doing blind contour except you are viewing the marks being made as a result of the stylus being pressed on the graphire pad....its like watching yourself draw on tv while you draw but not seeing any marks on the surface where you are making the marks that show up on the screen.....kind like you are passive and active at the same time......kinda like a feeling you can get whilst being stoned...only you are not....maybe thats the problem??? anyway, its a challenge I am growing from this experience, I am not just vegging on the computger screen, just burning my retinas out on the screen....big......difference???


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I gots me a new apple!

By the way Tekkon Kinkreet was totally awesome!!!!
by all means even though you may not get a chance to see this on the big screen, se it on DVD!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

daydream of creation of universe during DVD filing

"The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment you get up in the morning, and does not stop until you get into the office." - Robert Frost

"I spent a busy day today, but got little done. This is because I am at last becoming perfect in the art of seeming busy, even when very little is going on in my head or under my hands. This is an art which every man learns, if he does not intend to work himself to death." - Robertson Davies, The Table Talk of Samuel Marchbanks

"The morality of work is the morality of slaves, and the modern world has no need of slavery." Bertrand Russell

"My young men shall never work. Men who work cannot dream, and wisdom comes to us in dreams." Smoholla

"If work were so pleasant, the rich would keep it for themselves." Mark Twain

"If A equals success, then the formula is: A = X + Y + Z, X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut." - Albert Einstein

"Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom." - Albert Einstein

"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man." - Elbert Hubbard

Is he just spaced out due to low blood sugar or is he tired from his lack of solid sleep the night before or is he just checked out because he is given no space no quarter cornered trapped imprisoned; count how many you are processing an hour and compare to the others- are you doing your share are you pulling your weight? anybody can do this job but can anybody do the job efficeintly and dream of sound and images colors textures smells tastes the breeze the sand between your toes sipping an ice cold pina coloda or some rum-infused concoction over ice and although you have been given your verbal warning although you are watched observed to see if you are being focused arriving on time taking the right length of brake seeing if your tiny part of the machinery of "progress" is well oiled is clean is perfectly alligned is ergonomic is worth keeping in the machine and not just holding the machines" fluid operation" back, although you are being judged and scrutinized living in the fishbowl with all eyes (electric eyes included) on you, you have to just realize that in your mind and in your inner being you have the ability to be free if your will is strong and your mind is open and you are awake and feeling a flow of activity going on in out world! Or.....somethin like that!

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a hair is more than a hair and definately not a hare and a sock may or may not be a sock

"Two languages in one head? No-one can live at that speed!"
"But the Dutch speak four languages and smoke marijuana."
-Eddie Izzard
Language is not only an instrument of communication or even of knowledge, but also an instrument of power. One seeks not only to be understood but also to be believed, obeyed, respected, distinguished.
-Pierre Bourdieu

Thanks in the hugest way possible to the OED(Oxford English Dictionary) online- the 1989 edition for almost the entire contents of the post; hopefully by my witty use of their excellent resource, more people will be inspired to open up this seemingly daunting volume and realize that our language which we speak is filled with paradoxes, contradictions, conundrums, catch-22s and most of all, its fun...all of it! and they say language is power!!!!(Well I searched that a little and found no sourced connections to that phrase outside of the Pierre Bourdieu quote...still I need to look more to see, and I will look more when I have more time!!!)

wow, this gets hairy and thats not setting the hares head by the goose giblet, mind you!!! :)

I. 1. a. One of the numerous fine and generally cylindrical filaments that grow from the skin or integument of animals, esp. of most mammals, of which they form the characteristic coat; applied also to similar-looking filamentous outgrowths from the body of insects and other invertebrates, although these are generally of different structure.

e. A spring mechanism which is freed by the HAIR-TRIGGER, q.v.
5. Used as a type of what is of extremely small magnitude, value, or measure; a jot or tittle; an iota; the slightest thing; the least degree. See also to a hair in 8c.

6. Taken as the distinctive type of sort or kind; of one hair, of one colour and external quality; hence = sort, kind, nature; stamp, character. Obs.

7. A cloth, mat, or other fabric of hair used for various purposes in some trades, e.g. in hop-drying, extraction of oils, etc.; a haircloth.
[Historically, the same word as HAIRE, which, in losing the final e, has become identical in form with this.]
II. Phrases and locutions.
8. a. against the hair: contrary to the direction in which an animal's hair naturally lies; contrary to the natural set of a thing; against the grain, inclination, or sentiment. b. in one's hair: (a) with the hair down; (b) bare-headed, without hat or wig; (c) being a nuisance or encumbrance, in one's way; usu. with get and have (orig. U.S.); so out of one's hair: out of one's way, not encumbering (see sense 8q below). c. to a hair: to a nicety, with the utmost exactness. d. hair about the heels: a mark of under-bred horses; hence fig. of persons.

1. a. The person who is entitled by law to succeed another in the enjoyment of property or rank, upon the death of the latter; one who so succeeds; in general use, one who receives or is entitled to receive property of any kind as the legal representative of a former owner.
The word is correctly applied to either a male or a female, although, in the latter sense, HEIRESS has been in general use since 17th c. In Law a person is not called an heir to any property until, through the death of its possessor, he becomes entitled to it (nemo est heres viventis). As to the limitations of the word in Common Law and in the Civil Law and systems founded thereon, see quots. 1651, 1861, 1876.

b. With qualifications:
heir-at-law: the person who succeeds another by right of blood in the enjoyment of his property; in English law confined to one who has such a right in real property, and distinguished from executors or administrators. heir of blood: see quot. 1658. heir of the body: an heir who is a direct descendant: see BODY n. 12b. heir in capite: the heir to land held directly of the sovereign. heir of conquest (Sc. Law): the heir of an ancestor who acquired the estate in question by purchase and not by succession (see CONQUEST n. 6). heir by custom: one who succeeds by virtue of a particular or local custom, e.g. Borough English, under which the youngest son succeeds his father. heir-designate, one who has been designated as a person's heir. heir by destination (Sc. Law): ‘the person who is entitled to succeed, failing the person to whom an estate is disponed’ (Bell Dict. Law Scotl.). heir by devise: ‘he who is made, by will, the testator's heir or devisee, and has no other right or interest than the will gives him’ (Wharton Law Lex.). heir of entail = heir in tail. heir female: an heiress; also an heir (male or female) whose rights are derived through a female or females. heir general = heir-at-law: used to include heirs female as well as heirs male. heir of inheritance: see quot. 1658 s.v. heir of blood. heir of inventory (Sc. Law) = beneficiary heir (see below). heir of line (Sc. Law) = heir-at-law. heir male: an heir who is a male, and who traces his descent from the ancestor in question wholly through males. heir portioner (Sc. Law): see quots. heir of provision = heir by destination. heir presumptive: he who, if the ancestor should die immediately, would be his heir, but whose right of inheritance may be defeated by the contingency of some nearer heir being born. heir special: (a) = heir by custom; (b) one to whom an estate passes by virtue of letters patent or a deed of entail. heir in tail (Sc. of entail, of tail e londes æt hi mosten freo faran. a1250 Owl & Night. 383 Ich mai iseon so wel so on hare. c1330 R. BRUNNE Chron. (1810) 210 About to take hares with foxes, to kiss the hare's foot: to be late. to set the hare's head (foot, hare-pie) against the goose-giblet: to let one thing serve as a set-off to another. here or there the hare went or goes away: here or there the matter ended. Also, expressions referring to Æsop's Fable of the Race between the Hare and the Tortoise.

1. trans. To harry; to worry; to harass.
2. To frighten, to scare.
a. To double like a hare. b. To run or move with great speed. Also with it.

intr. and run jolly quick’! a1914 J. E. RAPHAEL Mod. Rugby Football (1918) 262 Receiving the ball well inside his own half-way, Palmer commenced to ‘hare’ for the touch-line. 1917 P. GIBBS Battles of Somme 173 There were other trenches ahead, and the men ‘hared’ off to these. 1923 WODEHOUSE Inimitable Jeeves xiv. 178, I..hared it rapidly to the spot. 1957 Listener 19 Dec. 1046/1 The producer..can't go haring about collecting the items. 1958 Woman 11 Jan. 47/1, I hared up to London, left my book with the publishers and went to my flat. 1963 Times 13 June 5/1 Boulter took over by the backstraight and went haring away past 660 yards in 1 min. 21.1 sec.

This was all started by Sock, which has more than half a dozen listings as a noun, a half a dozen as a verb, and several expressions or compound words. A sock can be a very complex thing!!!

sock n no.1
1. a. A covering for the foot, of the nature of a light shoe, slipper, or pump. Now rare or Obs.

c1440 Promp. Parv. 400/2 Pynsone, sokke, pedipomita. 1451 J. CAPGRAVE Life St. Gilbert 99 A peyre of old sokkys, or pinsones, whech our maystir had often wered.

sock n no.5
Eatables of various kinds, especially dainties.

1881 in Pascoe Every-day Life, etc. 25 The consumption of ‘sock’ too in school was considerable.
sock v no.3
a. trans. To treat (one) to sock; to present or give (something) to one. b. intr. To buy or consume sock.
1842 Eton Bureau 162 Sock means prog, but when you sock a boy anything, he eats it, and you pay for it... I was asked by x to sock him a verse the other day, and I had to sock him a construe of his lesson too. 1850 N. & Q. 1st Ser. II. 44/2 That a schoolfellow would ‘sock him’, i.e. treat him to sock at the pastry cooks. 1883 J. BRINSLEY-RICHARDS Seven Years Eton v. 38 We Eton fellows, great and small, ‘socked’ prodigiously. 1889 Macm. Mag. Nov. 65 My governor socked me a book.

Something with an overwhelming impact, a ‘smash’.

1964 Spectator 7 Feb. 178 This latest box-office sockeroo also provides a modest example of the industry's throat-cutting activities.

this limerick is definately PC!!!

There was once a limerik which was PC
but it was unclear which PC it B
so I checked their trash for a certain plastic polymer
asked if the police constable or privy councilor
(were Pro Celtic),
they said they do not watch basketball
and I said no the Celtic language
and they thought I meant Bostonian
and so I gave them a kick
in the Pubococcygeus muscle,
for a little progressive contextualization!!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Longest day of the year!!!

Hey, I just realized that today is summer-
at 11:06 a.m. or 6:06p.m. coordinated universal time on June 21st, th season changed....did anyone feel it???
ahh, but it is not only summer or the longest day of the year(as opposed to the shortest day of the year on December 21)
but it is also Sanziana (or Drăgaică)!!!

Sanziana is the name of a flower and also the name for a group of young, nice girl-spirits. People in the Western Carpathian Mountains celebrate the "Sanziene" holiday on June 24th, every year. This is similar to the Swedish Midsummer holiday. It may be a pagan celebration of the summer solstice in June. Alternatively, church's opinion is that it celebrates the birthday of Saint John the Baptist, which also falls on June 24th.
Vasile Alecsandri, a Romainian playwright :
"toured the Moldavian countryside, collecting, reworking, and arranging a vast array of Romanian folklore, which he published in two installments, in 1852 and 1853...In 1879, his "Despot-Vodă" drama received the award of the Romanian Academy. He continued to be a prolific writer, finishing a fantastic comedy, "Sânziana şi Pepelea..."
wow!!! a fantastic comedy play...was it like a midesummer nights dream, except it was the beginning of summer, and although I cannot read Romanian I notice it is in 5 acts???
thanks wikipedia en. and ro. for the 5 acts reference!!!

this from:

Sanziene (24 June)

Sanziene (and Rusali) were in the past a kind of 'elf' a kind of witches (very nice witches). They had negative power and made young adolescents crazy. To protect themselves, the people made crowns from sanziene and throw them on the roof of the house. If the crown remained on the roof, it meant that the house was protected for a year, if the crown came down again, it meant that somebody of that house would die within a year. (see also under Maramures)
So I am not going to look up what Maramures is or are but this just made me realize something
Sprite a refreshing carbonated beverage made by is it Coke is it Pepsi....whatever!!! But Sprite, is a forest elf witch or somesuch creature......mountain dew it really mountain dew??? how come Sprite is not caffenated but mountain dew is??? the morning dew off a mountain or off grass on the mountain does not sound like a jolt of just doesnt make any sense!!!!!
anyway happy summer 2007!!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

fathers fodders day

fathers day was first a church service held in a methodist church in west virginia inspired by the recent local mine blast which killed 361 men, many of them fathers, inspired by mothers day which had recently been started just prior to that in around the same area in west virginia or virginia, was also started in june 2 years after that where a civil war veteran raised his 6 kids by himself, being recently widowed- this took place in spokane washington. it was suggested as a holiday in 1966 by lyndon johnson and was first officially celebrated in the 4th year of tricky dicks first term in 1972, which means my dad might have already been going in and out of hospitals by the time the first official celebration came around, having died in the following february, 1973.
So for myself, it is my mother who deserves the fathers and mothers day celebration, because any parent out there braving it on their own, whether or not they see themselves in this way, are both a father and a mother to their kids, and in my generation, this occurred more and more until by the next generation, the single parent became the accepted norm. see kramer versus kramer for the version where the father is trying to raise the kids by himself and become employed all during christmas! and then there is, where dad gets laid off and both parents go out looking for work the first one becomes the one who brings home the bacon, the other becomes the domestic engineer and raiser of children each child in different a phase of childhood!!!
no matter how the parenting system works in your family, or how many are in the role of the parent, let either mothers day or fathers day be the day which is set aside to honor them for doing the incredibly important job or nurturing stimulating encouraging setting limits or giving the nudge all in the right amounts in the right times- each one deserves every once in awhile some extra recognition besides the love which they get back from their child; they are the ones who get us ready for this nutty life in this crazy complicated world!!!! not a small feat, my friend!!!!
Happy fathers day!!!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

anything worthwhile takes a long time

so I am 2 hours into my freetime after julian goes to sleep and I am just fiddling around with the guitar then I decide to try and tune it - to what I do not know- I just get tired of trying to do something and not being sure of myself I use references then I never really consider how the succession of six strings sound played one afer another so I just do that instinctfully then I decide to stop and hold down all 6ix strings on a fret and then another then another and then just strum it alone.....whallah I just did either a different open tuning from what matthew did or I got it back to what he had or something which sounds like a note to my ears.....and then I think to myself wow, I have more ability in this than I may realize maybe one day I should actually try to learn to do this....and that when I think well anything worthwhile takes a long time, doesnt it??? its true for drawing painting sculpting other art forms...but when I type this phrase into google it comes up with this source:

create your own future: how to master the 12 critical factors of unlimited success by brian s tracy

"they are in a hurry and cannot be bothered at mastering the basics at their jobs.they dont realize that long term success is the direct result of becoming absolutely excellent at what they do."


who is brian s tracy???

a self made self help guru/speaker who gets paid the big bucks for pouring on the bullshit and laying it on thick
from his website is this quote:

"Now here's the key to the law of accumulation. It says that everything counts. Everything that you do counts. The biggest mistake that people make is they think that only what they want to count, counts. That when you read a book, when you listen to an audio program, when you go to a course, when you go to bed early and you get up early and you work, it all counts. And it's all going on the plus side of your ledger."

okay its not bullshit, its just that I have a law its called common sense and yes there is another law its called I want to rebel against anything that tells me what I should I need to get my one part of me to tell that other part of me hey can we get some stuff done first and then you can blow off getting more done first get'er done then we can play, okay???

see....anyone can say this stuff ..... we all have this voice inside us. so, if you really want to save money just pay yourself
the respect you need by not getting outside help, cause its already in you.

Friday, June 15, 2007

the adventures of grandmaster flash on the wheels of steel - grandmaster flash

7+ minutes of a mixed up scratched up medley of: random sound bites from various records of anything and everything, disco hits of the previous 2+ years, bits of the sugarhill catalog, and some scratches resembling those done for herbie hancocks rockit...a pretty cool track!!!

"The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel" was first rap record to bring the real sounds of live Dj scratching to vinyl. Flash created a sonic collage that mixed fragments of tunes from groups like Chic, Queen and Blondie, using three decks. The result was a record that not only stunned the rap community of the time, but continues to resonate today.

flashback to 8 years earlier- 1973- the Bronx and DJ Kool Herc:

Born in Jamaica, Herc moved to the Bronx in 1967, when he was 13. With memories of Jamaican yard parties still fresh in his mind, Herc began spinning at parties and clubs. Not content with the disco music in fashion at the time, Herc instead focused his attention on classic funk, soul and R&B tunes, resurrecting hits by artists such as James Brown and Aretha Franklin. His technique of highlighting the instrumental "get-down" sections in songs brought people flocking to the dance floor, and Herc quickly became the most respected, sought-after DJ in the Bronx. These "get-down" sections - later known as breakbeats - went on to serve as the foundation for all hip-hop music to come. They also played an important role in the development of breakdancing, so named because it was during these kinds of high-energy breaks...

or so says:

this sugarhill records 5 cd box set is filled with memories that I had long forgotten. Now everyone knew Rappers Delight by the Sugarhill Gang, but I remember "It's Nasty(Genius of Love)" because I loved Tom Tom Club and so when a radio station
was changing formats it started playing the long versions of songs-songs in which their 3.5 to 4 minute versions were formulaicly arranged on the other top 40 stations, often with the intros and the outros spoken over by disc jockeys not rappers or scratchin' and mixin' DJ's but those whom the local comedy club chased away...this station also had DJ's but they were younger maybe still in college- it was the last hurrah for radio before it would all be thrown into a big vat and reduced to a cube of tasteless colorless blah blah blah- this station threw out their late 70's 1980 yaht rock adult contempory programming and decided to play popular songs but also they played 12 inches and rap...still very new and not so known on radio in 1982-1983, which I think is when I heard it.

So after Rappers delight and its nasty genius of love I totally missed the message until I got cable and watched yo! mtv raps in 91-92 but I did catch rockit and thanks to the library and after seeing the video which is how I first experienced rockit and sad to say how I first came to know herbie hancock( knew miles davis bitches brew because my brother left his quadrophonic record and I played the quad record on my stereo and remembered looking and trippy pictures in a best of life was some crazy shit to happen to a 10-11-12 year old still a virgin to drugs!!!! wow music can give you a trip without the aid of anything else just a free wandering mind....
so anyway I saw the king of rock and went to the library where I now work and checked out my first thing from its shelves -
run-dmcs king of rock and then along with that jimi hendrixs electric music can give you a trip without the aid of anything else just a free wandering mind....but i digress, and so and so, this is the end yeah so my older brothers they had led zepplin 2 rolling stones with cant get no satisfaction beatles white album rubber soul and beatles '65 which turns out to be beatles for sale bob dylans album with maggies farm and subterranian homesick blues creedence clearwater revival with i put a spell on you because you are mine on it and the first doors album 2 45s stick out in my memory: david bowies space oddity with man who sold the world on the back and tiptoe through the tulips oh and yes fabians hound dog man(but that was my older sisters).....the soundtrack to the shaft was one which my brother had mistakenly left outside and grabbed back, but thats okay because I went into his room when he was listening to this on the record player and with his permission I listened to this along with early chicago chase blood sweat and tears and other stuff of that and memories what a strange trip it has been but i only went to one greatful dead show, and I just loved one of the opening acts, jimmy cliff!!!!

number 8 for the month of June, number 23 for the year 2007, number 36 for this blog.

Sometimes the number of a thing as it appears in a sequence of other things can be the best title of all. This title certainly gives the reader more pertinent information about the post submitted, than any of the other fancy psuedo-poetic multi-layered funny, yet clever thinking-man's (or woman's) titles than I have given my previous 35 posts.
I started off really trying to have the title apply to the content of the post and to starting a blog and why I would want to participate in such a seemingly nonsensical thing such as blogging in the first place. Networking is like a jigsaw puzzle- first you have the proposed outcome of the act of posting copied and pasted blurbs with their sourced weblinks, photos, scanned images, and written opinions, observations, analyses, quipps laced with double entrandes, one liners, "groaners", jingles, or idioms; and its a nice process in and of itself to sit down and write in a way like jornaling yet in another way I have an awareness that there is the potential of an audience, either intended or surrepitously happened upon, which might actually read these words. And maybe my words will cause a spark trip a wire of an alarm which was set long ago and those fingers which typed and or clicked navigating the series of windows on the screen to open to this blog, to this very post reading or scanning down where I am writing right now and get to the end and choose to write down a few thoughts which had just occurred to them at that moment or perhaps these thoughts translating from the trapped energy potential and becoming electrical inpulses which send in a miraculously short amount of time, certainly shorter than it took me to try and write this into a cohesive thought, and probably less that a minute this person decides to let his or her fingers send a sequence of words forming a thought or two thus starting up a dialogue between postee and poster and perhaps another will read that persons comments and as they say "chime in" a bong or a gong or a ding-a-ling-a-ding-dong and before you know it its a concert consisting of the largest bells and the tiniest little tinkerbell, and I become Peter Pan and the croc with the clock is licking his chops 'cause Captain Hook did not look where he was stepping...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

how children are like the last 5 songs of Gongs Angels Egg

What a trippy photo, put on the last 5 songs of Gongs Angel's Egg album and get some can uh bus....
but seriously, I love this photo taken by my pa-in-law mister Bill who captures wonderfully the wonderful wonderment of wonderfully wonderful youth and like!!!!

great group portrait taken by the invisible monster......well.........who else could have taken this shot......god???
anyway, I digress, so....have you heard the last 5 tracks of Angel's Egg by Gong??? you really should check it out! so like where was I??? oh, yeah the group portrait......doesnt look anything like the band Gong, but it IS a nice shot of Isabella Julian and Justine in one of their more "serious" moments.

guess my son has given up the guitar and wants to be the next Jim Henson.......but really who doesnt??? the band Gong!!!

watch out Beckham!!!! Isabella is quite the athlete, its her thing just like Julians is the gui-.....i mean puppetering!
I do not know if Gong can play football?

and now Isabella is going to do some Rakey on Julian, but he is already so tickeled how can he be open and receptive to the power of the rake-y..........he must learn to submit to the rake-Y.......the sandbox.....not a subject which appears in the last 5 songs of Angel's Egg by guessed it....Gong!!!!
Okay, okay so here is what I was talking about....the last (half of the album, technically) of Gong's Angel's Egg

7Flute Salad (Malherbe) 2:40 / Oily Way (Allen, Malherbe) 3:35
8Outer Temple (Blake, Hillage) 2:00
9Inner Temple (Allen, Malherbe) 2:15
10Percolations(Moerlin) 0:40 (note the persistent misspelling of "Moerlen")
11Love Is How Y Make It (Moerlin, Allen) 3:00
12I Niver Glid Before (Hillage) 5:45
13Eat That Phone Book Coda (Malherbe) 3:00

I never glid before
The light gets stronger and all our eyes look
yonder to see what's going on
But that's all right you'll soon be out
of sight and surfing to the sun
The moonwheel's turning, the waves unfulling you're
learning you're Zero at the centre of the whirlpool

Your aquaman and in your hand is a watering,
can I now or can I not believe it leave it to be
The fun gods winking and we're all blinking and
thinking we're sinking in the sea
You're in your glider the tide you're riding inside her
is turnin with the moony like the sky... boy

Okay, you're Mister Illusion
Smiling in all this confusion
Cos you're young today, tomorrow start to play
I'd just like to say

No I never
No I never ever ever glid before
I never - oh no

Last warning tide turning
Moon burning slow motion
Waves that you ride
Just to bolster your pride
But if it's love that you're after
The craft of a hero
Will vibe at your side as alone you may glide
With a tiny afterthought
Flashing as the planet calls

I never never glid before

Open up the veil and let us take a peep in
Thru the moon and diving deep we'll meet the whale
Where rides the captain submarine
Who told the tale of pixies green
That sends us kisses in the brain
And out-far planets never seen
Except by technicolour dream

I never never glid before

That's another story - now's the time to go and find
The cuppa tea - see

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Life....the cartOOn!!!

"creepy happy mask"
sometimes trying to paint on a smile and move through whatever is eating at you doesnt entirely work!!!

Porky in Whackyland Warner Brothers cartOOn directed by Robert(Beany and Cecil) Clampett; it makes me think of a typical day in the public library!!!!

"It can happen here!!!!!" or "cultural competency versus intellectual freedom the texas cage match!!!"

"Can you direct me to the location of the Dodo???" or "one fine afternoon at the welcome desk"
take a guess at who is supposed to help whom.....go ahead!!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

kewl childrens book

There is this wonderful picture book Guji Guji, by Chih Yuan Chen a Taiwanese author/ is too hot to go to sleep...I just finished looking through some R.Crumb, watched a pretty incredible 2nd sequel to SpiderMan that was really satisfying, ate too much popcorn, and now my next door neighbors are out on their porch drinking.

Chih-Yuan Chen (1975-)

Taiwanese artist Chih-Yuan Chen is the author and illustrator of the children's books On My Way to Buy Eggs and Guji Guji, both of which have been translated and published in the United States. On My Way to Buy Eggs follows a young girl named Shau-yu, as she goes on an errand for her father. Her walk quickly becomes an exciting, eye opening experience, as she views the world through a blue marble, discovers a pair of glasses that make everything appear blurry, and follows a cat's shadow. Gillian Engberg, writing in Booklist, praised the book's "beautifully drawn scenes," and dubbed the story "joyful" and "understated." Marge Loch-Wouters of School Library Journal wrote that "This universal tribute to the power of a child's imagination will strike a familiar chord with dreamers everywhere."


Born 1975, in Pingtung, Taiwan; son of Chi-Nan (a farmer) and Li-Huo (a homemaker; maiden name, Su) Chen. Education: Attended three years of college.


Freelance children's book illustrator, 1999—.


Memories, Hsin Yi Publications, 2000.

On My Way to Buy Eggs, Kane/Miller Book Publishers (La Jolla, CA), 2001.

A Day Presents Are a Must, Heryin, 2003.

Guji Guji, Kane/Miller Book Publishers (La Jolla, CA), 2004.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sacre Bleu or sacrebleu or sacredieu:

Re: definition of "sacre bleu"
"Bleu" is for "Dieu", "Diantre" for "Diable". We have (or had), "palsambleu" (vine of Eucharisty), "sacrebleu" (in some provinces, "sacrédiou"), "ventrebleu" (blasphemous description for Eucharisty), "morbleu" ("Mort de Dieu")... and probably others. In my Poitou, old Protestants said "Jarnicoton". I have discovered it meant "Je renie Coton" (who was a "renégat").

All this is no more used. Accurently, people have scatologic and sexual obsessions, not religious ones...
Re: definition of "sacre bleu"
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In my Poitou, old Protestants said "Jarnicoton". I have discovered it meant "Je renie Coton" (who was a "renégat")..
Coton was Henri VI (of France) confessor. As Henri used to swear with "jarnidieu" = "je renie Dieu", Coton asked him not to swear this way and he said "reniez-moi plutôt". Then Henri changed his "jarnidieu" to a new "jarnicoton"
Enjoy French!

a little cheeze whizz to go with your rose festival week!

if jack kirby drew bobby brady he might look a little like......

an imagined street performer before the rose parade or between two floats....note the exagerrated grin the carnival duck bill cap that he won knocking down the pins with 3 baseballs......just dont tell anyone he paid 12 bucks for a 1.25 wholesale hat!

yarr that be hearty barrr b que, matey!!!

The Taino tribe, which was one of many Arawak tribes, say that the word Barbecue comes from the their language. The words Ba, Ra, Bi, and Cu, are separate words in the Tiano language and when put together mean, “The beginning place of the sacred fire” and that “Tiano Barabicoa” means, “stick stand with four legs and many sticks of wood on top to place the cooking meat”.

buccaneers-The term "buccaneer" comes from the French word "boucanier". Boucaniers originally were French hunters who were poaching cattle and pigs on western Hispaniola. They would smoke the meat on wooden frames, "boucans", so that it could be saved for a later time. That is smmmmmmokin'!!!!!

Arawak- Survivors

Most scholars believe that of the Island populations of Ciboney, Taino and Carib, only the Carib survive today. On the mainland of South America there are some 2,450 (1980 census) Arawaks living in Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guyana with 2,051 in Suriname. The Caribs on mainland South America number 10,225 (2000 WCD) in Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guyana. The majority of the population of Aruba is descended in part from the Arawaks.

The term Arawak (from aru, the Lokono word for cassava flour), was used to designate the Amerindians encountered by the Spanish in the Caribbean. These include the Taíno, who occupied the Greater Antilles and the Bahamas (Lucayan) and Bimini Florida, the Nepoya and Suppoyo of Trinidad and the Igneri, who were supposed to have preceded the Caribs in the Lesser Antilles, together with related groups (including the Lokono) which lived along the eastern coast of South America as far south as what is now Brazil.

These later cultures and their people were called Arawak or Taino Indians by the Spanish when contact occurred in the early sixteenth century. This Arawak culture reached its peak shortly before European contact. The Arawak culture is noted for large village sites of 1,000 to 5,000 people controlled by chiefdoms, with heavy emphasis on the cultivation of yucca and cassava, with supplemental hunting and shellfish-gathering, and the creation of ball courts or ceremonial plazas attached to the larger settlements. Just a few hundred years prior to contact, the Arawaks had begun to be displaced from the Lesser Antilles by a new group of Orinoco River Valley migrants, the Caribs.

And this explains why Caribeean queen now we are sharing the same dream more love on the run. And that bar-b-que is just ara-whack!!!! I knowa that my jokes are yucca! Not to mention my lack of sources, ouch! Didnt I say not to mention them!!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Baron Von Unterdoodle

So, I am finally getting around to posting my circulation staff meeting doodles. This all started in grade school out my natural love for drawing and combined with either boredom frustration with the material covered annoyance with the instructors ability to deliver said material or a realization that the content of the material is impertinant irrelevant et cetera ad nauseum ad hoc puck pan faun mahna mahna ba de ba de de et al insert latin phrase here to sound well learned. A form of protest- the protest of the act of being creative whilst stuck in a practically windowless room facing one another for five thousand four hundred loud ticks of the clock on the wall which I try not to be aware of. Sure I could participate in the meeting, be a part of "the process" of "the team" contribute to the dialogue of monthly concerns brought forth to the round table to initiate positive change while retaining mutual respect and employees rights by staying within the bounds of the contract and finding the most efficient way of doing blahblahhhhbbbllllllaaaahhhhh...... yeah, for a minute there I had you didnt I? "IGNORE ME!!!!!!"

is this: a) Brice Marden study for a new painting or b) circulation staff meeting doodle- you decide!