Friday, June 01, 2007

Baron Von Unterdoodle

So, I am finally getting around to posting my circulation staff meeting doodles. This all started in grade school out my natural love for drawing and combined with either boredom frustration with the material covered annoyance with the instructors ability to deliver said material or a realization that the content of the material is impertinant irrelevant et cetera ad nauseum ad hoc puck pan faun mahna mahna ba de ba de de et al insert latin phrase here to sound well learned. A form of protest- the protest of the act of being creative whilst stuck in a practically windowless room facing one another for five thousand four hundred loud ticks of the clock on the wall which I try not to be aware of. Sure I could participate in the meeting, be a part of "the process" of "the team" contribute to the dialogue of monthly concerns brought forth to the round table to initiate positive change while retaining mutual respect and employees rights by staying within the bounds of the contract and finding the most efficient way of doing blahblahhhhbbbllllllaaaahhhhh...... yeah, for a minute there I had you didnt I? "IGNORE ME!!!!!!"

is this: a) Brice Marden study for a new painting or b) circulation staff meeting doodle- you decide!

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