Saturday, June 16, 2007

anything worthwhile takes a long time

so I am 2 hours into my freetime after julian goes to sleep and I am just fiddling around with the guitar then I decide to try and tune it - to what I do not know- I just get tired of trying to do something and not being sure of myself I use references then I never really consider how the succession of six strings sound played one afer another so I just do that instinctfully then I decide to stop and hold down all 6ix strings on a fret and then another then another and then just strum it alone.....whallah I just did either a different open tuning from what matthew did or I got it back to what he had or something which sounds like a note to my ears.....and then I think to myself wow, I have more ability in this than I may realize maybe one day I should actually try to learn to do this....and that when I think well anything worthwhile takes a long time, doesnt it??? its true for drawing painting sculpting other art forms...but when I type this phrase into google it comes up with this source:

create your own future: how to master the 12 critical factors of unlimited success by brian s tracy

"they are in a hurry and cannot be bothered at mastering the basics at their jobs.they dont realize that long term success is the direct result of becoming absolutely excellent at what they do."


who is brian s tracy???

a self made self help guru/speaker who gets paid the big bucks for pouring on the bullshit and laying it on thick
from his website is this quote:

"Now here's the key to the law of accumulation. It says that everything counts. Everything that you do counts. The biggest mistake that people make is they think that only what they want to count, counts. That when you read a book, when you listen to an audio program, when you go to a course, when you go to bed early and you get up early and you work, it all counts. And it's all going on the plus side of your ledger."

okay its not bullshit, its just that I have a law its called common sense and yes there is another law its called I want to rebel against anything that tells me what I should I need to get my one part of me to tell that other part of me hey can we get some stuff done first and then you can blow off getting more done first get'er done then we can play, okay???

see....anyone can say this stuff ..... we all have this voice inside us. so, if you really want to save money just pay yourself
the respect you need by not getting outside help, cause its already in you.

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