Friday, June 15, 2007

number 8 for the month of June, number 23 for the year 2007, number 36 for this blog.

Sometimes the number of a thing as it appears in a sequence of other things can be the best title of all. This title certainly gives the reader more pertinent information about the post submitted, than any of the other fancy psuedo-poetic multi-layered funny, yet clever thinking-man's (or woman's) titles than I have given my previous 35 posts.
I started off really trying to have the title apply to the content of the post and to starting a blog and why I would want to participate in such a seemingly nonsensical thing such as blogging in the first place. Networking is like a jigsaw puzzle- first you have the proposed outcome of the act of posting copied and pasted blurbs with their sourced weblinks, photos, scanned images, and written opinions, observations, analyses, quipps laced with double entrandes, one liners, "groaners", jingles, or idioms; and its a nice process in and of itself to sit down and write in a way like jornaling yet in another way I have an awareness that there is the potential of an audience, either intended or surrepitously happened upon, which might actually read these words. And maybe my words will cause a spark trip a wire of an alarm which was set long ago and those fingers which typed and or clicked navigating the series of windows on the screen to open to this blog, to this very post reading or scanning down where I am writing right now and get to the end and choose to write down a few thoughts which had just occurred to them at that moment or perhaps these thoughts translating from the trapped energy potential and becoming electrical inpulses which send in a miraculously short amount of time, certainly shorter than it took me to try and write this into a cohesive thought, and probably less that a minute this person decides to let his or her fingers send a sequence of words forming a thought or two thus starting up a dialogue between postee and poster and perhaps another will read that persons comments and as they say "chime in" a bong or a gong or a ding-a-ling-a-ding-dong and before you know it its a concert consisting of the largest bells and the tiniest little tinkerbell, and I become Peter Pan and the croc with the clock is licking his chops 'cause Captain Hook did not look where he was stepping...

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