Sunday, June 17, 2007

fathers fodders day

fathers day was first a church service held in a methodist church in west virginia inspired by the recent local mine blast which killed 361 men, many of them fathers, inspired by mothers day which had recently been started just prior to that in around the same area in west virginia or virginia, was also started in june 2 years after that where a civil war veteran raised his 6 kids by himself, being recently widowed- this took place in spokane washington. it was suggested as a holiday in 1966 by lyndon johnson and was first officially celebrated in the 4th year of tricky dicks first term in 1972, which means my dad might have already been going in and out of hospitals by the time the first official celebration came around, having died in the following february, 1973.
So for myself, it is my mother who deserves the fathers and mothers day celebration, because any parent out there braving it on their own, whether or not they see themselves in this way, are both a father and a mother to their kids, and in my generation, this occurred more and more until by the next generation, the single parent became the accepted norm. see kramer versus kramer for the version where the father is trying to raise the kids by himself and become employed all during christmas! and then there is, where dad gets laid off and both parents go out looking for work the first one becomes the one who brings home the bacon, the other becomes the domestic engineer and raiser of children each child in different a phase of childhood!!!
no matter how the parenting system works in your family, or how many are in the role of the parent, let either mothers day or fathers day be the day which is set aside to honor them for doing the incredibly important job or nurturing stimulating encouraging setting limits or giving the nudge all in the right amounts in the right times- each one deserves every once in awhile some extra recognition besides the love which they get back from their child; they are the ones who get us ready for this nutty life in this crazy complicated world!!!! not a small feat, my friend!!!!
Happy fathers day!!!!!!

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