Monday, February 25, 2008

self portrait and a horse...

took a photo using the imacs photo booth then copied the image and pasted it onto a canvas for corel painter and used that and graphire4 to paint a likeness of the photo image and then totally distort color until it is more like fauve animator meltdown!!!!
started with corel painter black acrylic wanted to just do a black form abstract but then it began to look like a horse so I just kept building on it chose a deep pinkish red backdrop color then drew over the black with white....I do not draw horses but this is my best realization of one from memory!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

drawing based on a Rodin sculpture and the painting based on the drawing

I finally figured out how to save a scanned image as a tiff file copy the image and then paste it into a canvas to work on with other media combining the analog and real with the digital and virtual

but the how real is a scan of an ink drawing from a postcard picture of a Rodin sculpture??? this is the one which broke the ice for me when after coming up to my apartment on my first date Justine said that this was her favorite Rodin sculpture!!! Later, after we got married, we went to Paris on our honeymoon, and I got a chance to see the original from the master in his museum...the postcard is pretty damned good....but nothing takes the place for being in the presence of the original!!!
Still corel painter and graphire4 is pretty damned fun!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

a bat and a bird...

I was pulling holds behind the media desk this morning when I came across the ultimate dark knight by Frank Miller...i couldnt help myself I began to doodle...and soon the doodle developed while on another desk...until whallah!!!

But it wasnt i started on a bird sketch....but alas, I couldnt finish! oh well!!!