Thursday, May 03, 2007

Julians first post- what I did on my 3rd birthday.

Yeah, thats me on my birthday getting drunk on ice cream with some lady I met in the bar....I call her mommy, mama for really shes my main bread and butter......sometimes I whine alot and she rolls her eyes....I find I get my way by just giving her my cute look...freezes chicks right in their tracks!

Speaking of chicks, heres a dame thats the real cats meeow we held hands ran ate ice cream....I call her 'bellie so I can remember. she has a cool binky and a little ghostie blankie that she calls froggie....never leaves home without it.

what can I say? when in Rome... so here I am partaking in the cultural ritual that is also my birthright....iced cream....hell yeah!

dont ask me who the bleep this guy is but if he doesnt get his mits off my crayolas hes gonna know why they call me
the big hurt. what??? never heard me referred to as that, you say??? well.....okay, yeah , hes my dad, and that first grown up actually IS my mother, sheesh!!!! now my cover is blown!!! why do they embarass me like that!!!

huh....whats that?!!? sure we were going to consult you before entering the intersection....silly adults!!! uh, no, we DO NOT need directions to home, by the way, what made you think we need to get home??? huh....what did you say??? a nap?!!? change whos diaper??? well, folks, I guess thats to be expected when you are a couple of 3 year olds living in the big city, its hard for the grown ups to let go......who can blame them ???? we ARE too cute for our own good!!!!

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Anonymous said...

dude, your boy is super cool! Ice cream rocks, I like mint chocolate chip.
- Mark Foster