Monday, November 10, 2008

Finally, a new post (with text, even!)

Well, who knows how long it has been since my last posting, has it been weeks? months? close to a year since I have written anything worth reading? But thanks to the regular posting of a friend of ours, Laurel and the brand new blog of my wife Justine, I am finally compelled to pay attention to this blog thingy again.

Well lets see what has happened since I last checked into my web diary. 1. My mother in law, Laura Glicken, after a highly spirited struggle against cancer passed on. This was almost 2 months ago now.
2. We now believe that our son Julian has a mild case of Asperger's Syndrome, which is something I have to look up to figure out just what in the hell that means!
3.Justine is into her 3rd or 4th week and doing very well on a anti-inflammation diet, and her sugar cravings are seemingly resolved!!!
And me? Well I am counting down the days that Dubya is leaving the oval office which I believe is now 71( or is it 70???), and being ecstatic with the election results including Barack Hussein Obama winning the election of president, and even though the sub-prime crisis has sent the economy into downward spiral mode I am still (knock on wood) with a secure full time job with sweet health care and I am vested.
I have a beautiful roof above my head. Money is tight but its coming in. Our car died - a hole in the radiator for who knows how long but for 200 clams you can see if the engine is worth fixing- are you serious? But miraculously, Justine's old reliable Honda is still running smoothly and gets better gas mileage and unlike risky used cars is a pretty inexpensive sure thing.
And, after losing my annual bus pass in mid-January which brought me to have to endure 10 walks to and from work each and every week for 7 and a half months, I did finally get it replaced with a new pass and a not so bad photo.
I guess my artwork or some version of it appears in the latest "Knifeboy and Tidbit" cd by Brad Rapp and Dennis Elmer. Oh and on top of everything else George Carlin died on June 22nd of this year, shorty after it was announced that he wold receive the Mark Twain honors doohickey at the Kennedy Center Of course I can get into way more detail on all of these subjects but this is the basic outline of what is going on in Mahoneyland.

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