Sunday, September 17, 2006

Home is where the film was set

It is always a strange phenomenon when you are watching a movie, especially when it is a film in which you are immediately absorbed into, and you get this strange feeling that you have been at these locations before. The film was an immensely enjoyable experience before you realized the details of the shots and started saying hey open sewers wooden piers ranch style homes old school street signage ...Either a I have been there or b its very much like where I grew up from 1966-1980, and it still has that look!!! Is it Long Beach, California...No....Turns out it is 34-35 miles south from where I grew up between Warner and Heil avenues, Beach blvd and the San Diego Fwy thanked the students and faculty of San Clemente High School. And I have only been back down there 3 times since I left it, yet somehow that area remains in my memory...sigh.

so, can anyone guess which recently released flick I am talking about? Anyone out there? ...sigh.

Stephen 11:35 p.m. Monday night.

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