Friday, September 15, 2006

How Networking is like a jigsaw puzzle

it started with reading a post from my friend Cyril's blog and it inspired this rant
but to post the rant I had to create my own blog, well...okay!

The puzzle now has another piece but there is no "whole" no "complete" no "absolute" no "defined"
with set parameters; we each offer a piece and in a dialogue between the pieces which are composed expressions of ourselves where the connections may or may not be clear it may operate on many different levels of meaning different languages different areas of interest/expertise sometimes at once not unlike the Paris metro 4-5 underground levels inside the city run with such magnificent efficiency it seems effortless and yet its 100 years old...Our brains capacity and complexity is more like the universe radio cable internet cellphone ipod ivod wireless we cast out the line and hope for some sort of bite a tug at our end a spark a charge a connection...
okay end of rant...beginning of blog.

Stephen 9/15/06 9:33 p.m. pdx, or.

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