Friday, August 24, 2007

autobiographical sketches from photos

I found some photographs when trying to track down a burned cd of......I cannot even remember, but thats unimportant as it seems it opened up a window for me to write down my first impressions by recalling everything I can in a short amount of time from each of these images....a good exercise for anyone....I recommend it!!!

the first photo - the artsy phase I call it- was taken in woodbee wouldbei woodbea island amounst the san juan islands off of seattle washington where bobbi, my youngest older sister, first lived with her then family jodi and scott mcvay- i remember that moment - I remember being fascinated with a beach filled with smooth rocks......and a big driftwood log......very different from the beaches of southern california!!!!

Its fitting that this one is in black and white because this is how the wizard of oz starts kind of like an old obscure forgotten melodrama: "he licks his fingers clean, licks thee surface of his highchair clean and wonders when the adults will set that durned camera down and feed me cause I is hungry!!!!!" also I remember the short piece of black and white super8 film I saw growing up as an intro to a longer pieced together color film(both silent) and the black and white film is from the apartment in garden grove where I lived in an apartment......but if you notice I can hold my head up so I must be older thhan 3 months which is whhen we moved from there to our home in huntington beach california......bought it in late august early septtember 1966 for how mother tells me 25 thousand!!!! doing a search for real estate in the exact same neighborhood last summer on one website it started listing places at 500, 2,000% increase in value in 41 years....not bad!!!!!

My brother robert or rob played drums and was my earliest source of music....chicago, tower of power, chase, and the coveted soundtrack to "shaft" by issac hayes. That was also his old school bike and this photo was taken in the garage back when it was a tiki party room with bamboo and photos of chimps dressed up in various costumes of different professions doctor football player library administrator poet laurette hugh hefner, the list goes on...soon, the jammed garage]e door, the accumulation of stuff and the animals would take over- a great dane and 6 cats with a new litter born each season ading layers of waste and fleas and stench....yuk!!!!

My oldest brother, mike played the trumpet - was first chair at Fountain Valley High School - as the story goes(there were many stories one of which involves the garage and how it got to be in such a state- turns out Bobbi's husband, Scott, had a sports car, threw the keys over to Mike, and said to park it, in which Mike, an eager young lad, parked it allright- in the wrong gear, it thrusted into the garage door, jamming it shut for the remainder of time in which we lived in the house(for the real estate representative we saidd the selling point is "secure lock on garage door"..anyway I, he had a job lined up for him in the field of architecture- guess he was good and my dad had thhe necessary connections- but took up having a family and then continuing on from his work as a teenager from grocery store managing to representative for a Sundries company for a section of the NW because he had mouths to feed. And our dad - he also had a job lined up for him - but he hitchiked with a friend across the country did jobs here annd there built an extension and some stairs for my godmother in Connecticcut, joined the airforce went dancing found my mother went out every night for 45 days straight got marrried on day 45 or was it day 46 in July of '44, entered WWII doing mostly rescue missions in the Phillipines got out of the service and not long afterwards in October 23rd, 1946 the first of 6 children were born!!!! 53 years to the day after that, I married Justine!

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