Tuesday, August 21, 2007


sleepy, Julian woke up again at 4 a.m. crying when I asked him about this he said something about not knowing why his eyes cried. I thought that was an interesting way of recounting the event. He is doing well with the potty training- he is pulling his underwear up and down putting the underwear back on with the tag on the back,he is letting us know when he has to pee with a progression of phrases leading towards but not yet arriving at "I have to pee" he picks up the bowl of his potty dumps it into the toilet flushes the toilet washes his hands puts the bowl back into his potty seat...he starts slipping up on a few of these tasks when the continuity is interrupted like having friends over for a playdate or a nap in a diaper or when he gets sleepy, but still, this past week is definate consistent progress towards independance in this area...next up getting him to want to really brush his teeth and not just moving the brush around, eating the toothpaste off the brush!!!

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