Friday, September 14, 2007

An Afernoon visit by my bro, Mike

Gas leak?!!?
wwwwhhhhhhaaaaatttttt gggggaaaaaasssssss llllleeeeeeeaaaaaaakkkkkkkk..........

The Exorcisim of Julian Mahoney

What is the name of this instrument??? First I was having fun playing it, and then, when Mike came over, being the former first chair trumpet player of Fountain Valley High School circa 1970(???) he was enlisted into the playing of this slide wwhistle or ....whatever it is called!!!

then Julian was playing close my eyes during a show and tell moment- My bro, Mike is holding an old paperback of B.C.

A game that Julian likes to play- feed the guest plastic food out of miniture pots and pans...he is also fond of sharing whatever he eats with whomever he is connecting with...if you end up with a meal you know that he likes you!!!

I love the distorted feel of the perspective appearing on either side of Julians extreme close up of his long rock star preschool hair ; the folded piles of colored underwear to the left ; the haphazard stacking of refridgerator magnets to the upper right...this camera rules!!!!

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