Friday, September 14, 2007

Protector To The Access of Ideas

I am trying to recall which meeting that this doodle occurred in...but there is this observed or imagined continuum in the practice of library science in the public library arena.....on one end is one absolute: Access; on the other end is the other : steward of materials and information. In a perfect world, all materials would be cared for inpeccably, on time or earlier, and those who used the libraries would exhibit the uttmost of respect to other users to staff and volunteers at all times. Because we do not live in a vaccuum of perfection because we are all human and make mistakes is okay but, for those who dare to take advantage of the openness and generosity of our system there is "The Protector To the Access of Ideas"

He kinda looks like Don Quixote...does he not???

"Your choice of clothing offends me!" says the man who is wearing multiple layers of every piece of clothing that can be worn
including multiple hats and multiple scarves obscuring our view of his/her face and as a resultt making him appear suspect.

"Hey I'm not wearing any clothing!" and then the partially printed "intell freedom" on the censor box coveringg his buttocks...a rather good doodle, i think but what does it mean? I am open to folks suggestions/commments/opinions, etc...

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