Tuesday, April 24, 2007

BFA Marylhurst class of '93

What can I say? You have a good afternoon on a quiet friday all alone on the beautiful campus of marylhurst doing monoprinting
playing around with viscosity and collage and mirrored ghost images and reversed collage pieces until on the 4th or 5th or 6th print you come up with something potientally exciting you clean up and pack it for the day go back home bring the prints home where they sit in a box for some 13-14 years get a scanner pull it out of the basement and are only able to fit a piece of the print on the screen scan it and accept it and post it and say wow this is pretty damned good!!!

Ditto goes for this one - It is also just a portion of the entire print, but it looks better that way- friday afternoons had almost no classes at all on campus and because I did not work at the library those days I would just go down and have open studio time to play with monoprinting time in the darkroom time in the thesis studio for other things, have almost the entire library free.....walk the grounds feeling like I owned the campus it was so empty!!!! those days will never, never, never, return!!! free time free space mostly free resources......ahhh, the creative soul really thrives in those conditions!!!! I went to Marylhurst from fall of 1990 through spring of 1992....taking 1 math class at pcc to get the science credit during the winter 1993 term and getting the bachelors just 8-9 short years after starting this whole school thing in fall of 1984. Went back to Portland State University for a short stint fall 1996 to spring 1998 had more fun took some more classes with Mel- which turned out to be the right thing since he would retire just a little while after that- but what did I acheive out of all this time spent???
What does all of this effort amount to, besides a big fat unpaid student loan??? Its hard to fathom at 6 feet under the surface Its hard to measure, really, since I do not have a way of measuring it - it could measure up maybe it is still 4th down but is it 4th and inches or 4th and long? should I punt? do I use the hurry up offense? do I go into shotgun formation? do I hand it off, or fake a hand off fake pump and throw a Hail Mary being that its Marylhurst the Sisters would approve? I have faith but will still say the roserie or say Rosie Greer or Pam Grier or Grear Garson or Gary Larson and hope that if it is the far side things are much closer than they appear...or is it all done with mirrors and smoke and screens.

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