Tuesday, April 17, 2007

a night of amazing and free music on film at Hollywood theatre

Photo taken by my beautiful and amazingly talented wife, Justine Light of www.justinelight.com

This is my son Julian on our recently sold green couch from yesterday. I was thinking of him tonight, as I watched some incredible footage some early rap videos, the most recent from 1990- boogie down productions, run-dmc, whodini, the jungle brothers, de la soul, the fat boys, about half a dozen other acts earlier than that all home produced music home produced video a fun little ditty by a group I had never heard of, whistle, with "buggin'" ....loved, loved, loved it!!! and after that some concert footage of 1965 stax soul revue sam and dave booker t and the mgs eddie floyd and the one and only otis redding overseas or in some foreign land where they would have marines as stage security the mostly square mostly white mostly clean cut and mostly stiff looking crowd transform over 30 minutes into a dancing lively crowd that was rushing the stage.....absolutely electrifying....are there any acts today who put into their shows the soul the showmanship the energy the creative power that sam and dave or otis redding did back then??? when I think of great 60's rock acts the who the stones janis joplin joe cocker
they all were inspired to be as great as they were due to the otis reddings and sam and daves ....and what about the white black funk band of '65....the backing band for stax ??? steve cropper donald duck dunn the awesome drummer and booker t jones
the horn section consisting of 2 white and one black......they were there without a break backing each intense storm that erupted on stage changing the tempo extending the tunes, etc.....wow, they were truly great in the day!!!!
My son Julian who loves to sing and strum his guitar and ukelele at just under 3 years old really needs to see otis redding!!!!
if he isnt hooked on music yet, that will surely do it!!!

the jackpot records film music extraviganza continues thru friday night each night free starting at 7p.m. at the Hollywood theatre. Do not miss it!!!

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