Thursday, April 19, 2007

both this drawing and the seqential internet drawing were done around fall of 1995. created this character called slappy or slappy moe 'cause I like moe from the 3 stooges and because I liked the phrase slap happy and someone had the label of slappy on their mailbox in the apartment building where I lived at the time. had this horrible gig at a telemarketing firm in Milwaukee, Oregon 4 1/2 months of sales and 2 1/2 months of petering out and fewer and fewer hours of customer service and cigarette survey calls 'til one day I just never went back to that god-awful place! Yay! back in at motherlibrary sucking at her teet in North Portland in April of '95 and I have been with the library ever since!!! Guess I identified with likening myself as a leader but a stooge leader and being a slap happy leader of stooges well smiling to the point that people probably often thought I was an idiot and along with being often times quiet probably thought I was just out of damasch the funny farm ...probably were looking for my scar on my forhead like mcmurphy... nope just naturally look and act like I have had a labotomy, but really theres so much activity going on that I either cant pull together a nice cohesive chain of linked thoughts or well I lost that train of thought cause I just hesitated and its late and who cares cause no one reads these things anyways!!!

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