Saturday, July 07, 2007

Both of these drawings were done in 1996- I was going through a transition in my life- ending a nearly 7 year relationship which had fizzled out 3 years previous and moving out first with my mom and then almost exactly a month later, after doing the north portland-tigard commute for work(lots o reading and listening to music there!...and maybe it why my sketchbook is filled with not only such rich images and writing but so many!!! read some henry miller went back to school moved to a studio in laurelhurst or as I affectionately called it laurelthirst since many a beer cannonball of chicken chili and packs o cigarettes were smoked there. lots of living drinking spending money having a friend Tony move into the apartment building adjoining mine transferring to gresham then back to portland then finally to rockwood as a clerk turned 30 in 1996.

lots of reexamining of my life during these 3 years - taking some classes with Mel Katz- really trying to find myself annd then after too much stress and after too much rehashing over the same stupid damned things - a period of depression- the new year with 2 blue moons and falling in love and thus ends ann intense period of my life- from may 1996 to februuary 1998.

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