Wednesday, July 04, 2007

driving, the adventure, part 1.

So, it had been awhile since I last drove...and having the residue of the anxiety still trapped somewhere within from that crash back on April 15th, where I took an exit a little too fast and then turned a little too sudden on a little too slick of a road with tires which may have skidded a little too much from a previous incident that same day and flying sideways into the freeway divider where I flung my body from midpoint to the left inner padded loer ceiling between the drivers side window and the back left passengers window the car having flung like a cue ball in a bank shot or a hockey puck also in a bank shot...
I did manage to drive a few times once to forest park once to a dentist appointment once to pick up a garage sale iteem maybe one more time and then this morning to LLoyd Center to buy my new glasses and back... not a big deal I tell you ... not a big deal besides the inner drama that went on initially.....until..... until i reached 20th and burnside and saw a long firetruck a couple of police cars flares, etc, blinking lights.....hey thats where I was going to g-g-g-g-g-.......hey......what th'......huh???
Yes, thats right, the car was turned over, and enough of it was out of sight that the imagination was running away, but I had to reel it in and get back to me being behind the wheel talk myself through every action and soon I was realigning myself for another attempt at paralell parking and successs....misssion accomplished!

I think my trick is the bit where I talk myself through each and every step of the they call that neurolinguistic programming? I dunno!

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