Sunday, July 15, 2007

My 3 day camping trip to Oswald West

the hobbit tree- one of the highlights of campsite number 26. although to get any spot is really pretty amazing. some have friends who stay there the first leg then the second group of friends come join them. some just try their luck- but that can be alot of time and gas wasted. some write a message on the message board on the top of the campsite. maybe you do you surfing then come in and scope out the premises. some will drive by early pat of the week pay for a multi-day set then leave a tent or sometthing there showing its taken and come back when they can actually go to camp for awhile.
make no mistakes about it- Oswald West is not just a surfers cove but a place to party until the wee hours of the morning and the campsites arent sound proof folks! or so it was for the 3 nights which we were there- and the required to leash your pet rule.....its optional weather or not your dog is a puppy or has been through obedience school, just go ahead and let your dog roam free- and when camping bring only what you can wheelbarrow down for a 1/4 of a mile and back up.....otherwise you will be stuck with a chore on a constantly rainy morning without breakfast after very little sleeep.....and thats not the way to end a camping trip, although I am sure it must happen on occasion...

a surfer is amused whilst I play with football with my son. guess this is a real surferrs spot here on this side of Neahkanee mountain- but the surf was not kind to those brave enough to venture out unto the waters, although watching surfers out on my home beach growing up in Huntington Beach I expected too much maybe??? wetsuits??? c'mon the water is fine!!!!

me and julian on our way from the campsite to the surfers cove.

"what??? ya call that surfing??? my stuffed kitty can outmaneouver you standing on his paws.....his front paws!!!"

Neahkanee mt trail filled with lots and lots of trees very big very Lord of the Rings like and this one you walked in between its legs sort of . some of the old dead trees had decayed with a log or a stump left behind and other moss liccean, etc taking over and in one instance a full grown tree had grown on top of a stump which had broken down there were some big families of 5-6-7 trees other trees which were huge and were curved to acclimate to slanted ridge or maybe to take full advantage of the agle of sunlight it recieved......truly breathtaking and a real feeling of the spirit of ancient forests seemed to live here.

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